Amsterdam to Krakow

Hi all, I'll be attending a conference in Krakow from 16th Feb to 18th Feb. I'll be taking a flight to Amsterdam (through Malaysia Airlines) which is scheduled to reach Schipol airport at 6.05am on 15th Feb. From here, I have a few options to get to Krakow by 15th night. The first option which Im contemplating is to take the Austrian airlines flight from Amsterdam to Krakow which stops over at Vienna. The flight will leave amsterdam at 10.35am and I have 4 plus hours of connection time. Nevertheless, Im afraid that there will be a delay in reaching AMS and I will not be able to catch the flight. Another option is to take LOT from AMS to Warsaw and take a train from Warsaw to Krakow. Does anyone know if the train station in Warsaw is near the airport? However, this flight is also around 10 plus and I will face the same problem if my flight to Amsterdam is significantly delayed. When I checked with the airline company, it seems that if i miss the connecting flight, I'll have to buy a new ticket as it's the cheapest ticket and thus no changes are allowed. However, if I buy a one way ticket (which is significantly more expensive), I will be able to have the time changed if I miss the connecting flight. So, the third option is to buy a one way ticket from Ams to Krakow and take a train from Krk to Ams on the return. Does anyone know how long is the journey from KRK to AMS and how much does it cost? I think there's no direct train and I'll have to stopover somewhere. So which is the best option to take given that I have to reach KRK latest by 15th Feb night? i) Go for the 10.35am flight from AMS to KRK with stopover at Vienna. ii) Go for the 10.35am flight from AMS to WAW and take a train to KRK. iv) Take a later flight (around 6pm) from AMS to KRK with stopover at Vienna. v) Take a later flight (around 6pm) AMS to WAW and take a train to KRK. vi) Buy a one-way ticket from AMS to KRK and take the train back from KRK to AMS after the conference. vii) Other options. Besides, there are at least 3 airlines from AMS to KRK, Czech, Austrian and LOT. Which one is recommended? Sorry for the long post and any help is kindly appreciated. =) Thanks and Regards, Watson

- Posted by watsonchua from Poland on Nov 29th, 2009

Unfortunately Warsaw Airport is not near Warsaw Main Train Station, you have to take the bus or taxi. All other information I think you have to search in airline's services.

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Dec 3rd, 2009

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