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Hi guys, I currently live in the UK, but me and my fiancee (who is Polish) are looking at the possibility of moving to Krakow either temporarily or permanently depending on how we settle. However, my main concern is finding work. I currently work in media in the UK (I'm a sub editor for a magazine and website) and if possible would be interested in similar positions. I know of the Krakow Post, but are there many other English-language publications in Krakow that I could try? I know English teaching is big in Krakow and I have taught in the past and hold a CELTA qualification but ideally I don't want to go back to teaching. So really I'm just looking for advice. Are there any websites anyone could recommend to me for searching for jobs? And if there's not much chance of finding a similar job to what I'm doing at the moment, what other types of jobs could I hope to find in Krakow? Many thanks for any help you can give me

- Posted by primo_d from Poland on Nov 22nd, 2009

Sorry, I know it's a long message, but I really would appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer me. Even a good website to check out. Many thanks

- Posted by primo_d from Poland on Dec 3rd, 2009 Check out that link, sometimes there are jobs advertised in English.

- Posted by eimear01 from Poland on Dec 3rd, 2009

Unfortunately there is very little regular work in the editorial field (in English). Translation agencies sometimes have a use for so-called 'proof-readers' to check translations made by non-native speakers, but it's very irregular and poorly paid. My advice would be to try and secure freelance editorial jobs in the UK or the US that you can work on while you're in Poland. It's not an ideal solution but that's what I do. In general the job situation for foreigners in Krakow is not great. Unless you're being sent here by a Western company on a specific assignment or you're willing to teach there's not much else. It's not a very big place. Still, I don't want to sound too negative; it can be done.

- Posted by Island1 from Poland on Dec 4th, 2009

Hi! I can suggest you to look at the job offers of the various multinationals here in town - IBM, Capgemini, HCL, Shell, Philip Morris... some of them are hireing a lot of people in these months for different kind of positions, including website managements and things related to your current positions. Not to be too positive, my opinion this is the right time to look for a job here in town - I can say that all of my foreign friends living here got a good job in the past 3-4months. Good luck :)

- Posted by deborowa from Poland on Dec 15th, 2009

Did you try to put your offer at some work services? etc... Good luck!

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Dec 24th, 2009

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