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hello everyone, i just arrived in krakow 3 weeks ago. i'm french girl working here. i want to meet friends for sharing experience, having fun... Feel free to contact me.

- Posted by zabojat from Poland on Nov 21st, 2009

Hello dear Zabojat, i hope that you are doing well in suis francais, installe et travaillant a Zakooane(tu connais cette ville situe au pieds des montagnes ,a 1 h30 en bus de Cracovie?)Je suis souvent entre Cracovie et Zakopane.A l'occasion, fais moi signe si tu comptes te rendre sur Zakopane et je ferais de meme sur Cracovie.Pour aller boire un verre autour d'un bon epas, discuter, et ensuite pourquoi pas se defouler dans un des nombreux clubs...A plus si possibilite.

- Posted by lauren from Poland on Nov 22nd, 2009

Salut laurent, avec plaisir de se voir sur cracovie ou zakopane. Ca me dit bien de visiter un peu. En tout cas n'hesite pas a me contacter si tu viens sur craco. c'est mon email: a+

- Posted by janetqm from Poland on Nov 29th, 2009

Hello New-In-Town :) I know almost no French word and those I know I think can't write ;) If I may ask - what are you doing or going to do in our small city?

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Dec 3rd, 2009

hi, not so new in town now. a bit more than one month here. I'm working in Chraznow. But i lived in krakow. Never mind if you don't speak french, i can speak several other languages. and i try to learn polish (really hard in prononciation). I'm here also to enjoy, discover, meet new people, try understand them... feel free to contact me. it will be my pleasure to answer. jane

- Posted by janetqm from Poland on Dec 4th, 2009

There are a few weekly meetings around Krakow for speaking foreign languages. I can suggest the "English Language Club" that meets at ul. Sienna 5 every Wednesday evening, 6 to 8 pm. There is one native French-speaker who is usually there.

- Posted by misterrocky from Poland on Dec 12th, 2009

Hi Jane. It's been some time again:) You mean you work in Chrzanow (town)? How's your new experience? How's your polish :) It seems you have a great time here. Have a great Christmas&NYE time. See you:)

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Dec 24th, 2009

hello, thanks all for the informations. if i finish early i will try to go to this weekly meeting "english club". Also SHANE, hope you spend good christmas and a great new year eve! To answer your question: I'm working in chraznow (yes the town close to here)and currently it is not to bad. I feel more and more confortable here, with my job, people, environnement. i'm flexible. Concerning my polish, i didn't improve a lot. I need to find a polish teacher or to make an exchange to teach others languages. See U maybe in krakow. jane

- Posted by janetqm from Poland on Jan 7th, 2010

Great Jane, that's good for you:) Don't wory about your polish, they say it's not that easy. But I'm sure you'll manage it knowing some other languages already. Unfortunatelly I can't go to Sienna Meeting on Wednesdays. Maybe we can meet in some other place. Or write to each other. Greetings! misterrocky, could you recommend any other places? :

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Jan 17th, 2010

hi shane, nice to hear from you. so if you have recommandation for place or event, i'll take. here is my email: it will be nice to meet you for a drink. questions: are you polish or foreigner? what are you doing here? see u. jane

- Posted by janetqm from Poland on Jan 24th, 2010

Hi ! Plutot Bonjour ! Voila je viens de laisser un message sur ce forum pour trouver un stage dans Cracow. Voyant que vous etes française, j'aimerais vous demander quelques conseils ou si vous ne sauriez pas ou je devrais chercher. Voila en espérant que vous pourriez m'aider. Merci Beaucoup

- Posted by Kochanie from Poland on Jan 28th, 2010

Hi Jane, sorry for not replying. I was on journey and then very busy. I'm writing you right now :)

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Feb 19th, 2010

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