Most important Newspapers

Hi people, could someone tell me which are the most important newspapers in Poland? I'd like to post a personal ad, as I am looking for a guy I met on a flight from Mexico City to Amsterdam last week... I know this seems odd but any suggestions would be much appreciated...Tkx!!!

- Posted by karen1976 from Poland on Sep 18th, 2009

Hi Karen1976, it really depends if he was Polish or not and where he was from. If he's not Polish but lives or visits Krakow, then you're best bet is the Krakow Post. However, if he's Polish then you'd need to try Gazeta Wyborcza probably. Good luck! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Sep 21st, 2009

Thanks a lot for your reply! I will try then the two newspapers you mentioned, the guy was polish so I hope it will work!

- Posted by karen1976 from Poland on Sep 21st, 2009

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