Help Getting From Katowice To Krakow

Hi, I would appreciate if somebody could offer some advice on getting from Katowice Airport to Krakow. I have researched online for a few days and it seems I have 3 options The cheapest taxi transfer I can find is £60 and there is only 2 of us so that £120 altogether there and back and I really dont want to spend that much. I arrive at 1310 and could get the wizz air bus but i would have to wait 3 hrs as it only connects with wizz air flights so that would be over 4 hours by the time I get to my hostel. Public transport, it seems there is a bus to Katowice rail station although a lot of people online are saying public transport is difficult and Katowice station is highly dangerous. I have used public transport before in Slovakia Hungry and The Ukraine surely it cant be as bad getting to Krakow as people are making out as this seems like the best option for me. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Dave

- Posted by Daved2006 from Poland on Sep 13th, 2009

Dave, The best option is the bus transfer. While the buses are "officially" only for Wizz flights, I've taken it flying on a different airline and had no problem. There really shouldn't be that long of a wait - have you tried reserving a seat on their website?

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Sep 14th, 2009

Also, the Katowice train station is not as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be - honestly, it's just dirty and smelly and not a very pleasant place, but aside from maybe during the middle of the night, it's as safe as any city train station.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Sep 14th, 2009

Thanks for your response. Ive just doubled checked the wizz air transfers and its actually 2 hrs after my flight. Im arriving tuesday and leaving thursday so would rather not waste 2 hrs in the airport, Im wondering how far into my journey I would be if I took public transport as opposed to waitng the 2 hrs for the bus. Is there anybody that can give some specifics on the bus to get from katowice airport to the rail station as I think this is the option I'll be choosing unless it will take signifigantly longer than waiting on the wizz bus.

- Posted by Daved2006 from Poland on Sep 14th, 2009

hei! the best way is to take a mini bus direct to Cracow. Taxis is awfully expensive. Bus to katowice is very expensive too and takes 1h + train 2hours, so for the cost and the time spend in transport, it is not worth it at all i think. the best is the mini bus,waiting 2 hours will be the same or less than bus+train option in my opinion. you may try this website of Carpolonia as well, , they are an alternative to wizzair bus, and cheaper i guess!it takes 1h30 and this is what i am using when going from Cracow to katowice airport. Hope I could help! enjoy your tsay in beautiful Krakow! take a jacket, it is chilly lately here!

- Posted by nicolas from Poland on Sep 14th, 2009

Try Zibi, He is a taxi driver I always use during my frequent visits to Krakow. He is very reliable, helpful and a genuinely honest person. If you email him he will reply with a quote for the job. I am not on commission of any sort but have used various forms of transport in Krakow over the years and have had varying experiences in getting to and from airports, salt-mine, Auschwitz etc. Have a great time in Krakow.

- Posted by brandy from Poland on Sep 20th, 2009

Dave. What date do you arrive?

- Posted by skibum from Poland on Sep 24th, 2009

Why dont you share a minibus with other people who are going to krakow, i did it last year it worked out a hell of a lot cheaper, just ask people outside the airport terminal if they are willing to share the cost of a minibus to krakow, im sure you will get lots of takers.

- Posted by bazzag from Poland on Sep 24th, 2009

Hi I arrive Tue 10th November. I dont mind sharing a minibus with other travellers but I would prefer to have something pre-booked, as Im only going for 3 days. Dave

- Posted by Daved2006 from Poland on Sep 24th, 2009

Dave email me at, i have an idea for you.

- Posted by skibum from Poland on Sep 25th, 2009

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