is it safe to rent a car ??

i would like to ask if is it save to rent a car there ...... coz i was living some time in russin and ukrain ..and there is was unsafe to rent a car or to have a car also

- Posted by the one from Poland on Sep 4th, 2009

a had a car last week but founf it very hARD TO DRIVE HERE BUT WAS SAFE TO HIRE IT

- Posted by lainey from Poland on Sep 4th, 2009

I've rented cars from several Polish companies and never had a problem, even when I took it around the country or out of the country. Just make sure you know if there are km limits per day, because you may have to pay extra if you go over the limit. Every car I've rented has been clean, safe and in great shape, and the company usually just requires a deposit and your driving license and ID.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Sep 4th, 2009

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