getting around Krakow

Is there a Sightseeing bus you can buy a ticket for with jump on/off stops that you can use for a couple of days/day. I will be in Krakow 4 days. Would this be a good way of getting around? Or would I be safer buying a 3 day bus ticket and one day sightseeing. How much are the tickets and where do you get them? Alos going to Aushwitz for a day, whats the cheapest/best way of doing this and where do you buy ticket and go from? Is it far away?

- Posted by anitaj from Poland on Sep 4th, 2009

Honestly, Krakow is so small that you can see most of it by foot - another good option is hiring a bike or doing a bike tour. As for Auschwitz, you can take a bus there from the main bus terminal, it's located behind the main train station, and it costs around 15 zloty one way.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Sep 4th, 2009

There is this double decker bus that cost 30pln(i think) and you go around all of cracow and see all the sites. It looks pretty nice but i cant find there website but ill be in krakow in a week so ill try to get there number or website. Or someone here should be able to tell you.

- Posted by panda123 from Poland on Sep 4th, 2009

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