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To Krakow Post staff. * Is there a way of seeing the Services section of The Krakow Post, on-line ? * How does one make an insertion in this area ?

- Posted by frank_London from Poland on Aug 20th, 2009

Hi frank_London, I've used the Krakow Post a couple of times to advertise in their classifieds section. I just send them an email at with the details and they normally get back to me pretty quickly with a price etc. I'm pretty sure that you can see the section in the archive section of the website and download a pdf version of the newspaper. Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 20th, 2009

Thanks for the rapid reply, you are a legend. I wrote as your suggested to: . There was no reply. So, I wrote to there was a similar response: none. The email address appear correct. Which leads, neatly, to my next question. **tap**tap**tap**, Hello Krakow Post, anyone home ? Can we talk ?

- Posted by frank_London from Poland on Aug 20th, 2009

That's weird! Sorry about that! I sent them an email earlier this week in fact to that address and got a reply from their Group Sales Director personally. He's really helpful and quick to reply to emails, and hopefully he won't mind me giving you his direct email address! It's Send him an email and he'll sort it out for you I'm sure. Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 20th, 2009

Hi, please send your email to or call +48 (0) 12 421-4865. More contact details here:

- Posted by moderator from Poland on Aug 20th, 2009

Many thanks again for your input and inputs. I phoned the Krakow Post and had an enjoyable and businesslike conversation with Michal Mcsperrin-kossak. A little local difficulty has now been resolved. Email contact has been established.

- Posted by FRANK_LONDON from Poland on Aug 20th, 2009

must be lucky i,ve never had a reply from them

- Posted by paulinuk from Poland on Aug 22nd, 2009

I spoke with Michal McSperrin-Kossak on Friday as well frank, and he said that quite a few people seem to be having problems getting emails to them. Paulinuk, maybe you're having the same problem? He told me that until they can figure out the problem to send emails through to their other business at and they'd be able to get them from there. Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 23rd, 2009

It would appear that my original emails were lost. Blame it on MicroSoft Exchange S§erver. I am a Mac. Now my relationship with the the Krakow Post is sweetness and light. I now have every confidence my advert in the Services Section will be be reliably inserted. Hi Paulinuk - I think you were 'not received' as opposed to received and ignored. Hi legendary - you're truly a legend in your own lunch time. Incidentally, I would have thought a more appropriate name for a Krakow newspaper would have been The Krakow Bugle, Get It ?

- Posted by frank_london from Poland on Aug 25th, 2009

Or the Krakow Hey Now?

- Posted by bennox from Poland on Aug 26th, 2009

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