Coming to krakow and need a little help.

hi people, i'm actually new to this site, im coming to krakow just for a little break, i was just wondering what is there too see and what nice places i could go to eat, thanks

- Posted by funkyharry from Poland on Aug 15th, 2009

I have been out there many times now as I totally love the place. There is so much to do. Lots of history, the main square is fascinating. Dont know if you are staying in a hotel but if not pop into one and pick up some of the free guides in reception, they are an excellent source of information giving you ideas of where to go, eat etc. Its all reasonably priced, if you can visit Kazimiertz (excuse spelling if it is incorrect), its the jewish area. In the evening they have gypsy/jewish music concerts. They charge a nominal amount for this on top of the meal. We booked ours the first time through the hotel but it was cheaper to do it ourselves. Most of the restaurants are excellent and they are all in competition with each other so you sometimes see boards outside offering meals or people giving our leaflets with special offers. The malls are wonderful for shopping but souvenirs are pretty reasonable from the cloth hall which is in the centre of the main medival square.

- Posted by seasideandie from Poland on Aug 16th, 2009

FunkyHarry, Just wanted to add to the previous reply that there is so much to see and do that you will either have to stay longer than you thought or book again for next year. I have only been twice,but would go back tomorrow if I could. If you read the reviews on this forum you will soon get a picture of what Krakow is about. There are so many friendly, helpfull people on this site I doubt if there is a question that can't be answered!! Good hunting.

- Posted by BigTone from Poland on Aug 17th, 2009

I recommend Trattoria Soprano.

- Posted by groovesoop from Poland on Aug 20th, 2009

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