trams or public transport from basztowa to the aviation musi

Hi I am coming to cracow on the 20thaugust for the live music festival at the aviation musium,and will be staying at guets rooms in basztowa.Cananybody tell me If I can get a tram or train to and from there and how late they run at nights as the festival will be finishing late.Thanks

- Posted by lucypyszky01 from Poland on Aug 11th, 2009

hello, first of all, the festival is at the airfield of the Aviation Museum (different way is to the Museum). take a look at the map the direct bus from BASZTOWA is bus 502 (direction BORA KOMOROWSKIEGO or WISLICKA). night buses from there: 608, 618, just follow the crowd :D. have fun, jo

- Posted by asiulka from Poland on Aug 12th, 2009

Thats a great help thanks!This will be my first visit to Kracow and can't wait!I stayed in Wroclaw at new year's and found the people we met were very friendly and deffinatly know how to party:)!Look forward to experiencing a festival there I've got a 3 day ticket so will deffinatly enjoy myself no end!thanks again

- Posted by lucypyszky01 from Poland on Aug 12th, 2009

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