Need English-language program for Classical Music Festival

I am trying to find a english-language program schedule for the XXXIV FESTWIAL MUZYKA W STARYM KRAKOWIE , running from 15 Aug - 30 Aug. The TI doesn't have one, and the website's schedule is in Polish only. Any ideas? Thanks, Brenna

- Posted by berryrocker from Poland on Aug 10th, 2009

There doesn't seem to be a programme in English but if you Google the festival name, find the website link, click on 'translate this page' then click on 'download', a translated version of the programme will download. Alternatively you can cut and past the Polish version of the programme into Google Translate.

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Aug 10th, 2009

Yeah - I tried google, and translation pages. You know how sometimes those things are spectacularly unsuccessful, though always funny... I did- -however - find an English program. It's on, under August events.

- Posted by berryrocker from Poland on Aug 11th, 2009

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