I notice the event on on again this year on the blonia. Any idea when it starts on the saturday and sunday night? Last years looked great so making a point of going this year. Thanks Greg

- Posted by Gregheath from Poland on Jul 22nd, 2009

from Cracow Life events: PYROMACHINA: 2ND INTERNATIONAL GALA OF THE ART OF PYROTECHNICS Picking up from where they left off last year, Pyromachina returns for a weekend of jaw-dropping firework wizardry. Masters in the art of pyrotechnics will be descending on Krakow from across Europe, with two evenings of explosive fun in store. The organisers have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, including a world record attempt on the largest motor-cycle jump of all time, a "Flying Men Show" and concerts to boot. A full programme can be found at their website. when - 1st - 2nd August where - Blonia Common, ul. Focha

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Jul 28th, 2009

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