A Favour please!

Hi There, My Husband and I had a great stay in Krakow recently but I saw a pair of shoes in a shop which I wish i had bought! I was wondering if anyone could please look at the shoes for me and tell me who makes them? They were in the left hand window of a shoe shop on Slawkowska street on the left side of the street about half way up when walking up from the square. The shoes are black leather with a black leather flower at the toe (I think your toe goes through the flower which holds the shoe on!) and they are flat. They look a bit like Birkenstocks and I think they cost 300 zloty. I would really appriciate if someone could check them out for me! Kind Regards

- Posted by sunflower7 from Poland on Jul 16th, 2009

Hi There My wife has sympathy with you as she has done the same many times. We are heading out to Krakow on the 28th for a week so will try to find them for you.

- Posted by Gregheath from Poland on Jul 18th, 2009

They're made by Birkis, and the name of the shoe shop is "London".

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Jul 19th, 2009

Thank You both so much for your help. I really appriciate it. Now I will try and track them down!!!! Regards

- Posted by sunflower7 from Poland on Jul 19th, 2009

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