zloty or euro

Hi all, we are two senior women who will visit Cracow in October. Should we bring Polish Zloty or Euro for spending. Can anyone recommend accommodation and bars, restuarants to visit during our five day break.

- Posted by figaro from Poland on Jul 4th, 2009

The zloty is the currency in Poland and it's very easy to exchange cash here at one of the many 'kantors' around town. There are also lots of ATMs dotted around town. As for restaurants and bars - do none of the recommendations listed on this site grab you?

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Jul 4th, 2009

Thank you Spoony, I have only just found the site and I'm just checking everything out, there is so much! I wasn't sure whether to bring Zlotty or Euros with us.

- Posted by figaro from Poland on Jul 4th, 2009

Hi Figaro, Your best bet is to physically bring Pound sterling with you or Euros and then get them changed to Polish zloty here in the city. You'll get a much better rate here than you will back home! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jul 6th, 2009

Thanks Legendary, we will bring some sterling to exchange as you advise. I am finding this site very informative and enjoying searching all the elements. Can't wait for October when we arrive. Can you recommend an airport pick-up service we are flying in from Liverpool with Wizz-air and will book accommodation as recommended on the site. Thanks again.

- Posted by figaro from Poland on Jul 6th, 2009

Hi Figaro May I suggest you use the train. My wide and I use it all the time when we visit Krakow. The train stop in a 3 min walk from the terminal. However there is a free shuttle bus right outside the terminal that takes you to the stop. The bus only leavses the airport terminal when the train is due so there is no hanging around for you. Its cheap and reliable in my experience and ironically full of english travellors these days. It drops you right in the centre just north of the planty. If you are landing at night you will just be in time to grab a bite to eat in the galleria shopping centre that the train station is right next to. For us this the only way to travel to Krakow. Its a bit trains, planes and automobiles but its more interesting and fun.

- Posted by Gregheath from Poland on Jul 13th, 2009

If figaro is flying with wizzair from liverpool then she is flying into katowice which is approx 70 km away, im wondering if she realises this.

- Posted by bazzag from Poland on Jul 13th, 2009

If you're flying to Katowice then Wizz offer a bus service to Krakow, which can be pre-booked via Wizz. If you fly to Krakow, the train is good, but the station is at the northern end of the Old Town and can be a long walk to many hotels. Taxi's are quite reasonable and readily available outside the terminal.

- Posted by skibum from Poland on Jul 13th, 2009

Thank you to everybody for your helpful replies. We will bring with us some zloty to get us over the first night and sterling to change for zloty. Thank you for the suggestions about Katovice airport we will book the bus with Wizz air. We have booked a room at the Globetrotter as it seems to get very favorable mentions on here. Could you suggest some reasonably priced restaurants for dinner? I love this site its very informative and helpful, keep up the good work. If your ever visiting Liverpool let me know I will try to help with any info required. Thank you all.

- Posted by figaro from Poland on Jul 18th, 2009

Just to say when you get to the airport if the information desk downstairs is open pop along and get some free information booklets with all the tourist stuff inside, they are excellent. Alternatively they give them free in the hotel lobbies, even if you arent staying in one you can pop in and pick some up, they are so informative and usually have maps inside them which are a god send when you are finding your way around. Ive been many times and love Krakow. We are there again beginning of October, hope you have a great time when you visit, happy to answer any questions Andrea :)

- Posted by seasideandie from Poland on Aug 16th, 2009

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