Lenny Kravitz

What was the Wianki concert like? Last year we had Jamiroquai and I couldn't hear a thing across the river (soundsystem was a disaster) so I missed it this year - was that a big mistake?

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2009

It was pretty good overall. It started badly with the sound and video really horribly out of sync (and all those damned umbrellas), but quickly got good. The closer we pushed into the crowd, the more energy there was and the more fun everyone seemed to be having. Lenny played all the big hits and got us all singing in the rain. The fireworks afterward were amazing, too. Wet, but fun.

- Posted by groovesoop from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2009

I only caught the end, but being quite far away I could hear Lenny really well, so the sound was a huge improvement on last year. The fireworks were better this year as well - last year they went by so fast (10 minutes I think), but this year it was a proper show, synced to music and everything!

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2009

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