travelling to Zakopane and Tarnow

Coming back to Krakow in July and was hoping someone could help me with the travel plans. We are planning a day out in Zakopane and Tarnow and was going to go by Bus or train. Any suggestions which is better? I know the bus is faster to Zakopane for example but I believe the scenery is worth seeing by train (even though it take 3 hours!). Any thoughts are welcome.

- Posted by Gregheath from Poland on Jun 8th, 2009

Hi GregHeath, you are right to have the willing to visit Zakopane but 1 day is really to short for it(specially if you come there by bus)At least 3 days should be fine.The best way to come overthere is by bus.Cheap, quiet quick, great view on Tatramountain if the sky is blue of course.To be done: There is great sighseeing,trekking easy or difficult possibilities in valley or high mountains,you may discover an other culture (polish Highlander), enjoy sport possiblities(walking in high altitude on stripes, quads, aquapark, thermal sauna...)and a lot more.If you are looking to stay for few nights in Zakopane , in a confortable place at affordable place(like at Home), please do contact me again, I would give you website details. Enjoy visiting beautiful Krakow and welcome very soon to Zakopane!

- Posted by lolozabojat1 from Poland on Jun 8th, 2009

Hi again, the best places to eat are many.It is depending on What you want to it.Polish, occidental dishes, design and untypical taste? Sphinx restaurant has good variety of choice(of different countries, meat, fish), Adamo(polish,and italian pizza pasta, fish), Watra(polsh food and nice music bands to dance or/and listen)and all Goral(highlander) polish restaurant.You can walk on High Street (krupowki) and you will have a lot of places to choose from with highlander music band.Check as well the section "eat" from this website.And many more...And if you want to surprise your wife by sleeping few nights in Zakopane(for special event: anniversary, birthday...),we can organise a great accomodaion.Keep in touch if interested.Cheers

- Posted by lolozabojat1 from Poland on Jun 8th, 2009

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