Have been on a quest to track down good quality bacon in Krakow (not in restaurants). Can anyone recommend a good delicatessen with the magic ingredients? Cheers...!

- Posted by cracovia1 from Poland on May 22nd, 2009

Mmmm, bacon. I've never seen pork consumed in such quantities as in Poland, but curiously true bacon seems to be a novelty. Which type are you wanting? If you prefer American-style bacon, then Alma at Galeria Kazimierz is a good source, as well as some of the smaller neighborhood shops called "Lewiaton." You may be able to get it at Tesco as well. Here it's called "bekon" and you order it in of all things, decograms ("deko")... you usually have to ask for it to be sliced ("na plasterki"). Beware, it often comes with a bit of bone in it. English-style bacon may also be offered at Alma, but I can't be sure. Maybe someone else knows. Enjoy.

- Posted by groovesoop from Poland on May 23rd, 2009

oops, I meant to say it's frequently called "boczek" not bekon. Should be visible behind the counter so pointing works too :)

- Posted by groovesoop from Poland on May 24th, 2009

I've long been on the hunt for 'proper' bacon and sausages as well! They're not at all easy to find. I'm pretty sure that Tom gets his from a supplier in Warsaw. It is damn good bacon, and so are the sausages!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on May 25th, 2009

Unfortunately, "boczek" may be bacon, but it's not exactly the American-style breakfast type of bacon. I suggest asking Tom from Nic Nowego where he gets his bacon - it's the only good bacon I've had in any restaurant here.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on May 25th, 2009

Nic Nowego is a bar on Krzyza, and Tom is the owner. They have great bacon.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on May 26th, 2009

I am confused. Who is Tom from Nic Nowego? I have also struggled to find good bacon/sausages. We have an Alma in Salwator so I will try there. Been coming to Krakow numerous times now and love it but I do love my full english breakfast once in a while. Boring I know but true.

- Posted by Gregheath from Poland on May 26th, 2009

will try when in town next. Many thanks Greg

- Posted by gregheath from Poland on May 29th, 2009

I found it! Last night I was in Alma in Salwator, and it turns out that in the packaged meats section (by the cheese section), there is packaged American-style thinly sliced bacon! Unfortunately it's like 12 zloty, but that's a price I might be willing to pay at least once for a proper breakfast bacon.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Jun 2nd, 2009

polish bacon is delicious, cheap, and available behind every meat counter. it is however not smoked to death and it is not dry and crunchy like american streaky bacon gets when it is fried - it is rather fatty and juicy. look for chunks with a bit of natural gelatin for a really deep meaty flavour.

- Posted by artfruit from Poland on Jun 21st, 2009

I really appreciate all the thoughtful replies here. Very kind to offer tips. Last night, I went to Alma and bought what appeared to be a supreme cut of bacon. However, after a couple minutes in the frying pan about a pint of water emerged. Crafty. The bacon tasted so so, a little too salty. The quest goes on...

- Posted by cracovia1 from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2009

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