Be cautious of CARPOLONIA shuttle bus services! (Katowice-Kr

I have made a reservation on CARPOLONIA web page for shuttle bus from Katowice to Krakow. When arrived and showed my printed ticket, it appeared, that my name is not in drivers list!After phone call to office, driver got approval that I had a reservation. At the time when shuttle bus should leave, driver informed that we have to wait for half an hour for other clients! Luckily Krakow was my destination and I didn't had further transfer to other public transport. At the end the other clients didn't came, so we were waiting useless. On return date, I was in time at bus station in Krakow, but there was no shuttle bus of CARPOLONIA. I asked in bus station's info, but nobody had any information about it. I tried to call to the phone numbers given on ticket, but no one there was speaking English, they just tried to call the cell phone number I should dial, but I had no place to write it down and I was in hurry to get to airport on time. I was luckily, that there was Wizzair shuttle bus and there was free place for me to get to Katowice on time!Of course, for extra money;) I wrote a letter to the company, and it appeared that I have made a reservation on wrong date, so, that was my fault and as there were no more clients on that day, the shuttle bus didn't came. BUT, this answer letter from the company was so rude, I was offended for everything: "To begin with, the passenger is obliged to have a printed reservation confirmation or payment confirmation, and as far as I know, you had none of these, so the driver had a right not to let you enter the bus and it is only thanks to his professionalism that you have finaly reached Krakow (I suppose that when you entered the plane you had no ticket as well?). The returning transfer had been booked for the 5th of April and that was the date which our system accepted. I am very sorry, but the computers can not think and consider what did the customer mean yet. In addition you English is not very professional and was hard to understand. I can not accept your reservation." So, this is the way this company works with their clients! I'm not surprised now, why there are so few of them!

- Posted by KrakowKrolik from Poland on May 5th, 2009

Oh, by the way, I buy ticket with the date of 5th April 2009 (I wanted to have for 5th of May but made a mistake during the reservation) on 18th April 2009! So, their system is selling tickets with retrogressive date! Isn't it some kind of cheating? Even if it's not meant to be=D

- Posted by KrakowKrolik from Poland on May 5th, 2009

Hmmm, I've always used the Wizz shuttle buses to and from Katowice airport and never had a problem like that. The only problem was that once I had to wait like three hours at the Katowice airport for the bus to Krakow, but it was late on a Sunday so I guess that's why.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on May 8th, 2009

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