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in search of a job

I've recently moved to Krakow, and I want to find something to work, in a bar or a restaurant. I must tell that i'm not speaking polish, only english and italian. Can somebody help me in this direction? Thanks

- Posted by calin8 from Poland on Apr 23rd, 2009

Hi calin8, I'd say get in touch with the Italian restaurants in Krakow, such as Al Dente, Aqua e Vino or Trattoria de Cesare. They're run by Italian people as far as I know, so they might be able to help! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Apr 24th, 2009

yeah, that's a good tip, I was thinking about the same... and I'm gonna get there today in the afternoon...maybe i'll be lucky... who knows... cheers mate !

- Posted by calin8 from Poland on Apr 24th, 2009

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