best payment option

hi there, We have to pay our accommodation/breakfast on arrival and I was just wondering what the best payment option would be ? As not to loose out on currency exchange rates etc. etc. I have a Nationwide account that lets me take cash abroad from ATM at zero commission. Visa / Euro / UK Sterling or Polish Zloty? thanks in advance tee kasule.

- Posted by tee kasule from Poland on Apr 20th, 2009

Hi tee kasule, I've heard about Nationwide's policy of not charging for taking money out at ATMs abroad, but be careful as that doesn't necessarily mean that the Polish banks here won't charge you for using their ATM! I usually take British bank notes with me and then get them exchanged when I get over here as that way you can normally get the best rate. Avoid the exchange places at the airport as you'll get a terrible rate, so if you can head for the ones in the centre, namely those on ul. Slawkowska (just off the square) or there is a good one on ul Pijarska (just next to the old city gate). Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Apr 21st, 2009

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