Book shops in Cracow

Does anyone know which would be the best bookshop to pick up local history books on Cracow/Auschwitz in English whilst in the city. I am over in May for 3 days, but I did not want to waste too much time shopping. Thanks in advance for any tips.

- Posted by BigTone from Poland on Apr 15th, 2009

Try Empik on the Rynek (corner with ul. Sienna) or the book shop on the south side of the Rynek, next door to Wierzynek restaurant. Both usually have a wide selection of guide books in English. For books about Jewish Krakow and Auschwitz, the High Synagogue on ul Jozefa has a good selection and you could also try the Galicia Museum on ul. Dajwor.

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Apr 17th, 2009

Many thanks Spoony for all your help.

- Posted by BigTone from Poland on Apr 17th, 2009

Try Massolit. It's the best bookstore in the city.

- Posted by jacksonry from Poland on Apr 21st, 2009

Hi, you can also buy krakow history books in the shops of Krakow History Museum, branches on the Main Square: Krzysztofory Palace- 35 Main Square, The Hipolit House- 3 St. Mary Square. see the books: If you are interested in the history of ww2 and you keen on visiting the museums, you can visit the branches of KHM: The Old Synagogue, Schindler's Factory, Pomorska Street, The Eagle Pharmacy. Books about Auschwitz you can buy in the National Museum of Auschwitz.

- Posted by asiulka from Poland on Apr 28th, 2009

Thanks Jacksonry & Asiulka for all your help.

- Posted by BigTone from Poland on Apr 30th, 2009

I agree that Massolit is excellent. You may end up getting stuck there an entire afternoon. However, there are one or two other options too, depending on where you are. In Kazimierz (the former Jewish district), you'll find the superb Austeria, (ul. Jozefa 38), excellent for Jewish Interest. Likewise the Galicia Jewish Museum at ul. Dajwor 18. Back in the Old Town, Hetmanska, on the Main Market Square (Rynek 17) has coffee table books for tourists etc. The American Bookstore in the Galeria Krakowska mall (next to the railway station) is surprisingly good and specialises in new titles.

- Posted by cracovia1 from Poland on May 18th, 2009

Thanks to all who supplied info on the bookshops, it was much appreciated. Sadly, I am back from Cracow, so it would be a long walk from England. Had a great time in early May. What a city!!

- Posted by BigTone from Poland on May 26th, 2009

I agree the Massolit is a gold mine. Found it by accident and spent about 3 hours in the place first time. Go back everytime I am in the area. fantastic.

- Posted by Gregheath from Poland on May 26th, 2009


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