Good place for takehome Wodkas

Hi there, Coming to Krakow, and want to bring a few bottles of Wodka (and the special infusions) back home. Is there any particular supermarket/liquor store that specialises in this (that isn't just a tourist ripoff place:) thanks

- Posted by nafe12 from Poland on Mar 31st, 2009

Hello again Nafe, There are plenty of "alkohole" stores in the city. They all pretty much stock a whole host of various vodka's and other intoxicating concoctions! There are loads of them in the city centre, and I doubt you're likely to get stung as long as you shop around. Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Mar 31st, 2009

There's a good one on Plac Szcepanski (Szczepanski Square) and also round the corner on ulica Szczepanska (Szczepanska Square), next door to Hotel Stary, and pretty much opposite ROOSTERS restaurant. Both are reasonable value and have good ranges of specialist vodkas to choose from. My personal favourite vodka - SIWUCHA - pretty simple, clean vodka with a wax seal over the cork stopper. It's not expensive, and it is excellent quality, not a 'tourist' vodka in pretty wrapping. Regards, Jabber

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Mar 31st, 2009

Don't forget you need to pack them in your main luggage - they won't let them through in your hand luggage at the airport. I speak from experience... I'd also recommend you try one of the Nalewki Staropolskie made by Mr Karol Majewski - he's an artist at making fruit flavoured vodkas that he matures for a few years. They're available at the small alcohol shop on the Rynek a couple of doors up from the Pod Jaszczurami student pub. There's also a small honey/beekeepers shop on plac Szczepanski where they sell Mr Jaros' mead - he's a guy for who its a labour of love and he also makes the lovely ceramic bottles the mead comes in too. Try the Koronny or Maliniak (raspberry) flavoured meads.

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Mar 31st, 2009

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