I will be participating in a conference at the Jagiellonian University , at 33 Krupnicza streeet close to the Historical City Centre, in Krakow, Poland in a couple of weeks from now. As a graduate researcher, I am on a low budget hence I would like to be guided on possibilities of budget guest house that are decent and close to the university which is the venue of the conference. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

- Posted by GEORGE MRS from Germany on Mar 10th, 2014

Hi George, Krakow offers a variety of budget accommodation options, but I would strongly recommend Local Life's trusted booking agent,, I'm sure that if you state your expectations, they will find something suitable. Also, try the latest smash hit in budget travelling,, where hotels actually bid for you, and not the other way around. Good luck and see you in Krakow soon!

- Posted by Editor from Poland on Mar 11th, 2014