Ascot Hotel

Hi Folks - has anyone any info on the Ascot Hotel (other than what is on their webpage). We are staying there for the weekend begininng 20th March. It is for a 40th birthday for 1 of my there any particular bars that you would recommend for 4 x 40something males? can you also advise what is best/cheapest way to get there from the airport?

- Posted by CharmingMan from Poland on Feb 24th, 2009

I stayed in the Ascot last year, it is a very clean very modern hotel that is very close to the square, the staff are very helpful and very polite, on the down side if you can call it a down side it has one of the smallest bars i have ever come across saying that you wont be spending a great deal time there as krakow has so much to offer. I would suggest irish embassy, nic nowego, ck browbar, prozac, but to be honest just wander down some of the many alleyways and courtyards and see what you find you will always discover something unusual. A taxi will cost you about £15/£20 to your hotel or you can get the train from the airport to the railway station for about 6zlt, you can either walk from there, about 10 mins or get a taxi for a couple of quid, hope this helps.

- Posted by bazzag from Poland on Feb 24th, 2009

Thanks Bazzag...much appreciated :-)

- Posted by CharmingMan from Poland on Feb 24th, 2009

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