Traveling to Krakow with my husband !!

Hi everyone, my husband and I will be traveling to Krakow from the USA in July and would like to stay at the Kazameriz Secret Apartments. I would like some info-advice if anyone has any?? What are some fun stuff to get into in the wonderful city of Krakow? Thanks so very much :) Aleks

- Posted by McGraw from Poland on Feb 17th, 2009

I suggest just taking a day to walk around the city, especially Kazimierz since you'll be staying in that area. There is plenty to see just wandering the streets, and the walk down to the Wawel castle is quite nice.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Feb 19th, 2009

Hi there:)) believe u can find lots of things to do see:)anything castle, juwish area, clubs, pubs...etc.what info.would u like to get???:))) cheers

- Posted by peppersgirl from Poland on Feb 21st, 2009

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