Market Apartment

Hi Jabber and crew great forum.. I'm on my way for a weekend visit with some friends in March, and would like to know if any one has used the Market Apartment as advertised on this site. Can’t wait to visit some of the popular tours as advised by some other forums on this site and have a couple of sociables in the evening. Any feed back would be much appreciated. Thanks

- Posted by Dickie from Poland on Feb 12th, 2009

Hey Dickie, I've stayed with the guys that run these apartments, and they are awesome! I've not stayed in the Market apartment itself, but if it's anything like the Gallery apartment that I stayed in, you won't be disappointed! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Feb 13th, 2009

Hi legendary, Thanks for that could not find any feedback on this company now i feel a lot better and so looking forward to my holiday. Dickie

- Posted by Dickie from Poland on Feb 13th, 2009

Hi there, the Market Apartment is really good - with a top location. It is literally about 100 metres from the main Market Square, where all the action is! I'm not a big fan of having to take taxis or have a long walk back after an evening out. I actually used to live in the same building about 5 years ago on the floor below, but my apartment was facing the courtyard, whereas the Market Apartment looks out on the front, which is much better! Enjoy, Jabber

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Feb 14th, 2009

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