Im heading to Krakow next week, anyone with any tips, (especially with exchanging money), must see places, things to do, travel to and from airport to krakow centre, etc?? I am going for a romantic week, so want it to be perfect.

- Posted by michelle888 from Poland on Feb 9th, 2009

Hey michelle888, well you've chosen a great city for a romantic week! Sure you'll have a great time here! To exchange money, don't do it in the UK and not at the airport either. There are a couple of places that have good exchange rates in the centre. The first is on ul. Pijarska and the second is on Plac Szczepanski. Both offer competitive rates. Beware of taking money out using a credit or debit card as the exchange rate you'll get will be pretty poor and you'll probably get a handling charge too! As for places to go and see, I'd suggest Wawel Castle, a walk along the Wisla river (weather permitting). Also if you fancy something a little more romantic, you can always go for a horse and carriage ride through the Old Town. As for a nice meal, try places like Metropolitan, Aqua e Vino, Miod Malina, Wesele and Szara. All great restaurants and their details should be on this site! There are also plenty of museums and galleries if you like that sort of thing! Check out Krakow Post newspaper when you get to the airport. They have all the events and things that are taking place in the city each month. A trip to Tyniec might also be nice. As for getting from the airport to the centre. Why not book a taxi? I've booked them on this site before, and they are great. Whenever I fly into Krakow from the UK or elsewhere I book a taxi with them and there is someone waiting for you at the airport. Excellent service! Highly recommend it! Not sure what else I can recommend, but that's a start at least for you! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Feb 9th, 2009

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