Hi Jabber n friends!

Hi, Sooooooo looking forward to a long weekend in your Beautiful city. We are staying at the "Red Brick Apartment/Hotel" any recommendations for a bar/restaurant near by to re-fuel at after our journey? We arrive Saturday 7th Feb, early evening and are a group of 8 men - so somewhere that can cope with 8 just turning up without booking? Many Thanks

- Posted by Fidester from Poland on Jan 28th, 2009

Also.......... Is there such a thing as ten pin bowling in Krakow? If so, where abouts? Thanks

- Posted by Fidester from Poland on Jan 28th, 2009

hi Fidester, lazyass :) there is a menu on the left. Just go to the EAT or PLAY section. PLAY- bowling- e.g. in the shopping centre KRAKÓW PLAZA - Fantasy Park, Al. Pokoju 44 in the EAT section choose the Old Town location.(where your hotel is situated. i suppose you dont want a top quality/elegant restaurant. maybe u should also look at the reviews... It wont be a problem to find a restaurant without booking, there is a big choise- over 100 restaurants only in the Old Town. ps enjoy ur stay in krakow.

- Posted by asiulka from Poland on Jan 28th, 2009

Lazy? Me? :) I actually found the bowling after I had posted the message......... regards eating out, no, you are correct, nothing fancy for the first night..... comfort food and beer will do the trick.

- Posted by Fidester from Poland on Jan 28th, 2009

Hey Fidester! Can understand you're looking for some tips! This site is the place! These guys know Krakow like no one else! Personal recommendations from me for food would be Nic Nowego, Rooster, Irish Mbassy, Polskie Jadlo (for some good old fashioned Polish food!) and for something a little more fancy but not too pricey, try Metropolitan Restaurant and Bar! All of those places will feed and water you to your hearts content! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jan 28th, 2009

Cheers Legendary, will check out your recommendations.

- Posted by Fidester from Poland on Jan 28th, 2009

Last year,I stayed neared where you will be in Feb. The walk into the main square did not take long and to be honest you will be able to pick what you fancy. We went to a micro-brewery pub called C K Browar at ul. Podwale 6-7 which was great. This is not too far from where you are, but you might want to save it for the next day and take you time. Try www.ckbrowar.krakow.pl. The choice of beers comes in its' own 3foot tube and you just tap off want you and your friends want from your table. Let me know how you get on anyway in Feb as I'm out again in May. Regards. Tony.

- Posted by BigTone from Poland on Jan 30th, 2009

Hi peeps, Just thought i'd share my thoughts after an amazing 4 days in Krakow. We had no trouble getting into any bars or clubs with our group of eight in the end, all door staff really friendly. The best bars we found were the ones that tended to be down an alley or "back street" don't ask me to remember the names :) All underground with really friendly locals...... we went to a pizza joint just off the main market square on Saturday afternoon which was massive! A complete underground warren. Spent a few hours chating to some locals, who pointed us in the right direction of some great bars. All in all a great time and i will be going back, soon i hope! I think the key is to be friendly, keep the noise down, and smile!! We encountered another stag in a bar who were not the above, needless to say the bar staff were not impressed.... its a shame its those guyz who give a bad name. Oh yeah...... and the salt mines are worth a visit!

- Posted by Fidester from Poland on Feb 13th, 2009

Hi Fidster, What was the average cost of food and drink, I will be out there in a month with about 8 mates doing a bit of sight seeing and enjoying the local bars and clubs. How much for a pint of beer local, and export, and also a shot of vodka or similar. Also what was the price for a meal nothing special just to line the stomach before the drinking continues? Thank you

- Posted by Dickie from Poland on Feb 13th, 2009

Hi Dickie, Its really good value...... the closer to the market square the higher the cost we generally found, but still cheap in comparison to here in th UK... We tended to split the bill 8 ways and the most we ever spent was 460 zoltys i think.... about £100, so about £15 each (including tip) and that included drinks as well......... a beer was between 6 - 8 zolty for local and a wee bit more for "known" names... stick to local its much nicer. You will have fun, its a great city!

- Posted by fidester from Poland on Feb 14th, 2009

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