Hi there, I know these kind of emails are not very pleasant but I have to tell you about my recent experience at the Krakow airport. Hopefully it would help to improve serviceat your place. I was flying from Krakow to Glasgow on Saturday the 17th with Ryanair. I am actually a drummer who played several gigs in Slovakia, coming back to Glasgow. I had paid my cabin and check-in luggage. At the check-in the girl asked me what was in the cabin bag. I said 'perkusja', there were several metal parts of drumkit. She said it was ok. Unfortunately she was wrong. At the security gate the policeman said those things could not be loaded on the board. I said i had loaded them without a problem in Glasgow and the girl at the check-in in Krakow said it was ok. Policeman replied 'Krakow is not Glasgow' and he did not care about the check-in girl opinion. The bottom line is if I had scented there would have been a trouble with the metal parts I would have simply put them in the check-in luggage and take other safe stuff on board. As the result I had to pay 110 euro for additional luggage. Literally I had to pay for incapability, apathy and arrogance of the airport personnel. Is it just bad coincidence, police paranoia or a good business for someone? Either way it is not the way how to treat foreign or any customers. I have never come across such an arrogance, unwillingness of the service i had actually paid for. Do not get me wrong but I will try to avoid Krakow airport whenever I can. I am considering to put this story into british press so tourists could get ready for rough treatment at the Krakow airport. Sincerely

- Posted by cubrica from Poland on Jan 24th, 2009

I don't fully understand. Once the security guy told you that the drum things could not go as hand luggage, why did you not just go back to the main desk and check them in as hold luggage?

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Jan 26th, 2009

hi, thats what i actually did. however my checked luggage had been already away so i had only 2 options... either pay additional luggage or leave the drum things at the airport... not too pleasant. i know these kind of things could happen but there should be a legal way how to avoid them. i think the girl at check-in or security staff could have done something about it. but they did not really care. and that pissed me off in the meantime. thanks for reply anyway. bye

- Posted by cubrica from Poland on Jan 27th, 2009

OMG this post is just way to long to read

- Posted by peppersgirl from Poland on Feb 5th, 2009

Hmmm, it seems that when in doubt, always put things you may have a problem with in your checked-in luggage, no matter what the people at the counter say, no matter which airport you are at. If you were flying to the U.S. you would have the same problem. I've found that since 9/11, security personnel are quite paranoid and generally uncompassionate everywhere. Combine that with general Polish lack of customer service, and your situation is not surprising at all.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Feb 9th, 2009

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