new adventure

hi all , first time in cracow for 6 young at heart male forty somethings in early feb. the usual question ,where to go at night given the amount of bars and clubs. we dont want to spend all night bar and club hopping, any suggestions for suitable venues.

- Posted by sully1961 from Poland on Jan 17th, 2009

A good place to start before clubbing is the Irish Mbassy, they cater to larger groups and show sports games. Cien is good for clubbing, as is Midgard.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Jan 22nd, 2009

A good place to start the evening (and excellent breakfasts) is NIC NOWEGO - a sort of modern Irish bar with sports on a big screen as well if there's a good match on. It's not a dance venue, but it is good. Enjoy!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Jan 27th, 2009

Hi Sully1961. Not sure where you are staying but have a look at a micro-brewery pub I found last year called C K Browar. Try Great beers in 3 foot tubes that you just tap off yourself at your table. I am back out again in May 09, so let me know how you get on if you get a moment. Regards. Tony.

- Posted by BigTone from Poland on Jan 30th, 2009

GUYS.....i will tell u which clubs are worth to go:) Most popular r: PROZAK(good music and some good level of people) RDZA....not that bad;) QUSHI ...either this one dont now why???i think people th r fake Cien...its ok but not that ok Thats it!!!! Have fun

- Posted by peppersgirl from Poland on Feb 5th, 2009

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