Polish cookery classes!

I spend about 4-5 days in Krakow each month and just can't keep eating out any more! Does anyone know of anyone who gives private Polish cookery lessons, as I don't really want to go to a cookery school, especially as I only visit for a short period each time? A Polish babcia is what I have in mind, as I do speak reasonable Polish....!

- Posted by Katiecat from Poland on Jan 11th, 2009

the only thing like that i know of is polish culinary vacations, i believe they do classes in town as well: www.polishculinaryvacations.com

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Jan 12th, 2009

there's also www.eatpoland.pl

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Jan 12th, 2009

Thanks djsilence! I checked the website, but the courses are in Wroclaw and hugely expensive. The link to the Krakow is more interesting, but still v expensive- about £165 for 4 hours and geared mainly to professional chefs. I'm hoping for someone working from home......Thanks all the same though!

- Posted by Katiecat from Poland on Jan 13th, 2009

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