Antique Apartments, Szczepanski Sq.

Hi. We are a group of women aged 30ish who will be staying here next week. Does anyone know if the apartments are as good as they look? Also, which are the best places to eat nearby (not expensive).I am a vegetarian, but my friends are not. Are there good bars in that area? Thanks.

- Posted by janwalks from Poland on Dec 1st, 2008

there's not that much on plac szczepanski itself, but it is just a stone's throw from the market square, where you'll find everything you need!

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Dec 4th, 2008

Hi, i live in krakow and if you like italian food I can suggest yuo a very good restaurant in krakow, not far from the main square. Just let me know when you are coming and if you would be interested, so that i could get in touch with the owner (my friend) to give you a special treatment ;)

- Posted by c.corciulo from Poland on Jan 14th, 2009

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