Zip it!

Desperately in need of some help! The zip on my only winter jacket has broken approximately 48 hours before I go to Moscow! I have this afternoon and tomorrow to get it fixed, or else freeze to death...BUT WHERE? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

- Posted by slinkster from Poland on Oct 12th, 2005

try ELEFANT building,there is nice lady working "KRAWCOWA" just ask for her or maybe OLIWKA bar on szczepanska street ?

- Posted by filety from Poland on Oct 12th, 2005

thanks Filety - actually I asked my colleague and she sent me toa tiny shop on ulica Slowianski. Highly recommended for all zip emergencies - the problem was fixed in literally about 20 seconds for the cost of 5 zloty! Admittedly i got little say as to what replacement zip i wanted but considering the dire need i was pretty happy! sl.

- Posted by slinkster from Poland on Oct 12th, 2005

But you didn't tell us HOW you broke it!

- Posted by stefan from Poland on Nov 1st, 2005

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