Help looking for jobs?

Hi there, i want to get a job in Krakow for January. Just wondering what is the best way to go about it. I dont want to teach english, but i am a chef. I am learning polish, and should know enough to get me by in January. If you could help me this would be great. Cheers.

- Posted by stevebozzy from Poland on Nov 4th, 2008

You can look in the classifieds of the Krakow section of Gazeta Wyborcza (Polish daily) and in the Krakow Post - there are often job listings there. Also, gumtree is quite good for job hunting ( ), though it's all in Polish. If all else fails, many restaurants have 'help wanted' signs up out front if they're looking to hire staff.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Nov 7th, 2008

czesc , chyba mam dla ciebie prace : ) chcialbys gotowac dla cracow-life team ? chetnie zrzucimy sie na dobrego kucharza, daj znac czy jestes zainteresowany,pozdrawiam

- Posted by filety from Poland on Nov 7th, 2008

what do you like to cook? what are your favourite recipes?

- Posted by oldwoman from Poland on Nov 13th, 2008

I like to cook anything, im really trained to do most things. Deserts was the main thing. Im from a fine dining background, but also i have been the lower down places. So i have the best of both worlds in a way.

- Posted by stevebozzy from Poland on Nov 13th, 2008

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