Vodka & Orange

I visited Stalowe Magnolie & paid 22 zl-for a V&O, whilst all the other clubs charged an average 10-23 zl-. Was i cheated? Also, all other bars issue receipts with your drink but this barman looked coyly around before taking my money and not giving me a receipt. Again, is it typical if not legal to give bar receipts? This place was nothing special either and defo. not worth double the price for a drink.

- Posted by felix_stowe from Poland on Nov 3rd, 2008

stalowe magnolie is known as an overpriced yuppie place, so i wouldn't be surprised if drinks there are that expensive. however, 22 zloty is really excessive for a simple drink like vodka and orange juice - usually you'd pay that much for a mojito or something fancy like that. sounds like you may have gotten ripped off - next time insist on a receipt, or check the menu, every bar should have one.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Nov 3rd, 2008

thanks for the tip and will look for the menu next time (if they haven't hidden them). I meant to say all other bars charged an average 10-13 zl- (not the typo'ed 23 zl- ughh!). All the best.

- Posted by felix_stowe from Poland on Nov 3rd, 2008

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