Best steak in Cracow

OK, so we know the pork is great in Poland, but sometimes a man just needs a good steak, and that's not the easiest thing to find here in Cracow. Or so I thought. I've tried at many restaurants, and I've pretty much always been disappointed. But no longer! The pepper steak at ORIENT EKSPRES ( is the Real McCoy. Anyone care to offer other suggestions? It might be worth a cook-off soon!

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Oct 10th, 2005

The best steak i've had in our fair city was, beyond any doubt, at Nostalgia on Karmelicka. We took some visitors from London there and they reckoned it was better than anything they'd had at home. We've been a few times now and it (the steak) never disappoints! Pod kominkiem was decent too, but the meat was a touch on the fatty side.

- Posted by Zapols from Poland on Oct 10th, 2005

P.S Nostalgia link:

- Posted by Zapols from Poland on Oct 10th, 2005

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