Car Hire in Cracow

Hello, Can you please let me know what car rental companies have you used if any?? I've tried few times which seems to be quite reasonable and was wondering if anyone could give some tips on some other companies. cheers Mike

- Posted by Mikelos1980 from Poland on Oct 23rd, 2008

Hey Mikelos1980, There aren't that many reasonably priced car hire firms over in Poland unfortunately. The prices are a lot more expensive than what you'd expect to pay in the UK for example or in Western Europe. However, I've used a couple of places in the past. The first was a place called "Dragon VIP". Strange name I know, but they were quite good, although quite expensive from what I can remember. They've only just started this year, and not sure if they are still around to be honest. They were very helpful and friendly though. Then the second time, I booked it through this website. Check out this page, ( I remember I dealt with a really professional and friendly girl called Kasia who sorted everything out for me. They were cheaper than Dragon too! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Oct 24th, 2008

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