1st November

My family and I will be in Krakow on the 1st November and we'll be leaving on Sunday 2nd November Could anyone give me more information about this holiday. I know what is is all about (I'm half-Polish!) but not how it affects services - public transport etc. How about public transport back to the airport on Sundays? Any problems do you think?

- Posted by Alined from Poland on Oct 21st, 2008

Hey Alined, I don't think you should have too much of a problem with the transport to be honest. There will still be trains running to and from the airport, although it is possible that it may be a limited service. They normally run every 30 mins, but maybe it'll run every hour or something. Best place to check is at the train station when you arrive. Failing that you can always get a taxi with the guys on this website. I've used them in the past, and they're great. They pick you up and take you where ever you need to go. Very handy. Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Oct 22nd, 2008

What a great site this is. I intend to visit Krakow regularly and I feel as though I'm really getting to know the city. Thank you!

- Posted by alined from Poland on Oct 24th, 2008

Hey Alined, It is indeed a great city! That's why so many of us live here! I love this site too! These guys really helped me before I moved here and after as well. It's a great way of knowing what is happening in the city! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Oct 26th, 2008

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