Info on staying in Oswiecim

I am coming to poland for second time, stayed in Krakow last timr and chose Oswiecim this time. will be there 22 nov, anybody know of the kind of weather to expect? also are there any friendly bars there or will I have to travel to Krakow? any info gladly apreciated

- Posted by kalps4 from Poland on Oct 19th, 2008

Hey kalps4, It's pretty safe to say that you can expect some cold weather when you're over here. The winters have been relatively mild for the last few years, so I think this one will be bitterly cold. In November last year, it was already snowing, so be prepared! As for bars, I can't really say. I've only been to see the Nazi death camps, and not really explored the rest. I'm sure you'll find some friendly local bars though that will gladly welcome you! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Oct 20th, 2008

Hello Legendary, Thanks for the info, I will come prepared for the cold!! do you have any info on how to get to Oseiecim from Katowice Airport? I have looked on various web sites but I cannot make any sense of these!!

- Posted by kalps4 from Poland on Oct 20th, 2008

the easiest way to get to oswiecim from katowice is through krakow. you can take a bus from the katowice airport directly to the krakow train station, from where you can take a bus to oswiecim.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Oct 20th, 2008

No problem. To be honest, I've never done the journey from Katowice, as I always fly in to Krakow. I'm not sure how much it would cost to get a taxi, but don't think it could cost that much surely! Having said that, don't hold me to that! Try the taxi form on this site. They might be able to give you an idea of how much it would cost. I've used them before and they are very good. Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Oct 20th, 2008

Thank you both Legendary & djsilence for your information, I am looking forward to visiting wonderful Poland again.

- Posted by kalps4 from Poland on Oct 20th, 2008

I participated in an intense two week seminar for Holocaust educators in the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum last July. Our group stayed at the Hotel GALICJA ,Oœwiêcim, which I highly recommend (our institute goes there each year when we go to seminars, etc) Great staff, very friendly and sweet, and cosy modern accommodations... there was a bar restaurant and pizza cafe there, at the hotel. .. reasonably priced and very very good. After spending the entire day with lectures an tours in Auschwitz, Bireknau and environs, it was a pleasure to come back to this warm friendly hotel, have a beer, and unwind. WE had a bus provided for us daily to Auschwitz one, but I know that there were many city busses and busses to Krakow running directly n front of th hotel. my own daughter is travelling to Poland with her class on nov. 3.. we have been told to pack her clothes for very cold weather.. well alot colder that what we in Jerusalem are used to! Bon voyage!

- Posted by lizzye from Poland on Oct 20th, 2008

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