Cien, Frantic, Prozak

I'm in Poland from next Thursday (2nd Oct) From an extensive list of clubs and loads of advice I've narrowed the clubbing down to Cien, Frantic and Prozak - are of these clubs better on a certain night - as I've said it will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Cheers

- Posted by martink69 from Poland on Sep 28th, 2008

Prozak is good, cien.....could be better and comment:/...pathetic

- Posted by peppersgirl from Poland on Sep 29th, 2008

Agreed! Prozak is good only on Mondays, Cien is good if you're only looking to score, and Frantic is generally full of teenagers and is a good place to get beaten up.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Oct 14th, 2008

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