Salt Mine

Does anyone know if there is a lift. My mum couldn't walk 360 stairs but she's ok on the flat!

- Posted by SevenOfNine from Poland on Sep 6th, 2008

There is a lift but you can only use it to get back to the surface, im not sure if there are any lifts for the elderley or disabled, why not try the salt mine web site.

- Posted by bazzag from Poland on Sep 7th, 2008

Thanks very much. I had a look and phoned them. Very helpful! They have a wheelchair on site and do a disabled tour. The person accompanying the person in the chair goes free and they see as much as possible! My Mum is looking forward to it.

- Posted by SevenOfNine from Poland on Sep 7th, 2008

just back from the salt mine and there are a toal of 852 steps down in all. i really cannot see how wheelchair access if possible. If they do a tour then the person will see very little from i could work out. Sorry to sound a negative soundbyte to you :(

- Posted by felix_stowe from Poland on Nov 2nd, 2008

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