Travelling alone

Hi all, I've been let down by my friend, so now have to decide whether to holiday in Krakow alone.Is it safe for singles to travel and enjoy cracow. Many Thanks.

- Posted by lozzacornw from Poland on Sep 6th, 2008

Hey lozzacornw, sorry to hear you were let down by your friend, but it's their loss as I'm sure you'll love Krakow. People here are always very friendly and welcoming. If you're staying in a hostel you're bound to meet loads of people. There are plenty of single guys and girls out there, so you'll not find yourself lonely if you're a sociable person, and may even meet someone ;-) Good places to head are Nic Nowego and Irish Arms as they always get lots of English speaking visitors. I've seen plenty of people come in on their own and get chatting with others at the bar, often myself! :-) Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Sep 6th, 2008

just back from krakow and went alone too. I had trouble taking photos of myself holding my SLR camera and saw a woman alone with the same problem So we joined ranks for the afternoon and explored krakow together - she took my photos and i took hers. We had a great time and it meant having someone in the evening to meet for a drink too (she was there on business with her friends). So take my tip and struggle with self portrait photos in a public place ;-)

- Posted by felix_stowe from Poland on Nov 2nd, 2008

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