So little time . . . .

We are in our thirties, coming to Cracow Nov 12 to 14th Nov, making the most of our days but any suggestions for evening entertainment? Where can we see a live local rock/folk band in the Old Town (not Jazz)? How about a "real" pub, not a chrome wine bar playing Europop? Any suggestions as we only have two evenings?

- Posted by Smiddy from Poland on Oct 6th, 2005

have you checked out Cracow-life's drinks listings - you can search by 'type' of venue. Drink. You are bound to find something you like the sound of. From what you have said though I would recommend Stalowe Magnolie for live music - check out their website for who's playing when, and you should definitely spend one evening in Kazimierz (the old Jewish District) where you will be spoilt for choice for atmospheric cafe/bars (head to the Plac Nowy). It's a bit more sophisticated than the old town in this respect. Best wishes, Dunc

- Posted by slinkster from Poland on Oct 6th, 2005

Try Alchemia in Kazimierz - they have a great line-up of shows which you might just be able to found out at their website. Their events calendar is at though its all in Polish! Run it through the Google translator however, and you should have a good laugh at least! Regards, Emperor

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Oct 6th, 2005

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