Krakow Aquarium...

I've heard that the long awaited Krakow Aquarium is not going to be opening any time soon because of some pathetic old professors who are stuck in the past and are only looking out for their own interests! It's unbelievable! How can the government and local council as well as all the Poles just stand by and let this happen!?! The people pulling the plug actually work for a public institute and are the ones who educate the current young generation of Poles!! I certainly don't want my kids educated by narrow minded fools like them! Something has to be done about this! It's a disgrace!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 7th, 2008

welcome to poland legendary... :(

- Posted by artfruit from Poland on Aug 7th, 2008

That is a shame about the Aquarium. Where is it supposed to be and when do you think it will open? It will be missing out on all the tourists now! kathmaria

- Posted by kathmaria from Poland on Aug 9th, 2008

Dont worry have just found out about it by reading the letter at the beginning. I did actually try to get in there and was so disappointed an there was nothing to say what was going on! kathmaria

- Posted by kathmaria from Poland on Aug 9th, 2008

If it really is true that personal issues are preventing a valuable asset for both the residents and visitors to the city of Krakow from coming to fruition, then it is about time that the politicians running the city got a grip and dealt with these people swiftly. Educational attractions such as aquaria have been a great boost to a number of cities throughout the world and Krakow should be amongst their number. Small minds and small time politics surely have no place in Poland’s second city. I look forward to the successful opening of the aquarium without further delay. Yours faithfully, Angela Adam (Part time resident and full time fan of Krakow)

- Posted by Katiecat from Poland on Aug 24th, 2008

Any updates on the situation regarding the Aquarium?

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Aug 25th, 2008

Not heard anything lately Jabber! I read the article on this website, and it seems like the guy Nathan is going to be facing an uphill battle to get it open, but he'll eventually win I hope! Only problem is if he has the financial backing to fight the legal fight whislt he's spent all this money already on something that might not ever open! All a very sad reflection on a few narrow minded individuals!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 25th, 2008

So, i don't see the other side to the story...Are the professors really being difficult (or whatever else people on this site are calling them) or are they, perhaps, actually trying to preserve something they consider of greater value to Krakow (and its youth)? I guess i need to look this story up because not all the pieces seem to fit....

- Posted by krakowmaggie from Poland on Aug 26th, 2008

Apparently, the Krakow Post will be running an investigative story about this issue in the next edition.

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Aug 26th, 2008

That good. I'll be interested to hear what they find out. They always publish really good articles in that paper, so I'm sure they'll get to the bottom of it. From what I've heard on the rumour mill its all a bit murky and unnecessary. I know people who have been to see the new exhibits and stuff that has been installed and they said it was great, so seems like a waste to not open it!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 27th, 2008

yes ý am nilhan and you?

- Posted by nilhan from Poland on Sep 24th, 2008

How was the opening of the Aquarium on the 27th? Anyone know?

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Sep 28th, 2008

There is another side of the story that's missing in the media - in building the aquarium they have broken some important Polish building laws, and that is the hold-up, not the professors themselves - they just pointed out that the aquarium is not completely legal. Looking forward to a proper investigation of both sides in the Post!

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Oct 14th, 2008

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