Visa Electron in Krakow

I'm going to stay 4 days in Krakow. How much cash should I have with me, I mean, how often is possible to use Visa Electron? I wish to have an answer as soon as possible, because I'm leaving today! :)

- Posted by niiskuneiti from Poland on Jul 30th, 2008

Hey niiskuneiti, I'm not sure if Visa Electron is widely accepted over here, but you should hopefully be able to use it in ATM's in the city. Spending money really depends on what sort of holiday you want to have. You can easily get a decent meal for 5 pounds, but then other things like shopping for clothes & electronics are pretty pricey! Generally though, you shouldn't need a huge amount of cash, and I wouldn't recommend carrying around too much... just in case! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jul 31st, 2008

it depends where you're from and what bank you are with, but not all hotels and restaurants are able to accept electron or debit cards! you can always use this card to withdraw cash from an atm, but do not be surprised if your accommodation lets you know they cannot accept a debit card as payment, simply because many credit card machines here will not accept them.

- Posted by artfruit from Poland on Aug 1st, 2008

Hello,i'm going to krakow tomorrow,and i was wondering if i can use visa electron when i'm buying things,and can i take out money with this card?? i really need to know..

- Posted by erina from Norway on Sep 17th, 2013

Hi Erina, I'm sure you can use your Visa Electron pretty much everywhere: restaurants, hotels, shops etc. The only place you might need cash are small convenience stores, and please bear in mind that some stores place a minimum for card payment, e.g. 10-20 zlotys. Otherwise there shouldn't be any problems. Enjoy Krakow and don't hesitate to contact us if you need something!

- Posted by Editor from Poland on Sep 17th, 2013

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