Polish DJs

Yo, all the clubs I go into feature Polish DJs playing British or worse, American Tunes...are there any Polish Producers coming out with new tunes? If so, where can I find them? Or are bad enough that I should be avoiding them? Perhaps there is a record store in Cracow where I could buy indie CDs, if there are no clubs?

- Posted by yeahVaUlt from Poland on Oct 4th, 2005

yeah, it's not as easy as it should be to find some good Polish tunes. rest assured, there is some talent out here, you just usually have to look for it a little harder. i find that word of mouth works best...

- Posted by marcin from Poland on Oct 4th, 2005

Have you tried High Fidelity in Kazimierz? Maybe they just stock old vinyl, but you can alos try Music Corner in the 'Pasaz Handlowy' off Grodzka Street, top floor. The entrance is the same one you use to get into U Louisa Internet Cafe etc.... there's Rossignol and Quicksilver in the same mall...

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Oct 4th, 2005

have to say I'm not very up on my Polish dance - it seems that there are plenty of reggae, ragga, dancehall, hip-hop artists, but not so many DJs who produce stuff as well. Skalpel on Ninja tunes (www.ninjatune.net) are pretty good though. They played in Bledne Kolo last december and are quite famous back in the UK! looks like they just released a new album too. Slinks

- Posted by slinkster from Poland on Oct 4th, 2005

Its hard to work out the Polish music scene. Discopolo is an amazing thing..everyone claims they hate it and then goes nuts when someone starts to play it. I am looking for Cracow based session singers, drummers, guitarist or other would be band members ? Don't have to speak English, just be able to play well. any ideas where to look/advertise We are planning auditions in November. A bit worried it will be like The Commitments. Richard

- Posted by lucasr from Poland on Oct 5th, 2005

This is a reply to lucasr. I am a singer, keyboardist, guitarist living in Cracow. If you get this message please contact me. I would be interested in hearing more about your music project. I have done lots of session work and played in numerous bands in the US and in Europe. middleeuropemusic@yahoo.com

- Posted by myoozick from Poland on Oct 11th, 2005

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