Car Hire

Is car hire expensive,any snags also is fuel pricey?

- Posted by gillyd from Poland on Jul 28th, 2008

Hey Gillyd, care hire over here in Krakow is around the same price as you'd pay in any other country to be honest. Fuel prices are pretty much the same as across the globe (overpriced), however, I don't think they are as ludicrous as the prices in the UK at the moment! One thing to watch out for is the daily mileage limit that most firms seem to have. I've used a couple of places here in Krakow, including the guys on this site. They can book it for you and they'll even meet you at the airport with the car waiting for you. Check out here, Enjoy your stay in Krakow. Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jul 31st, 2008

I believe that if you want to rent a car, you will have to bring the paper part of your license (not only the plastic credit card thingy) - any one care to correct me?

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Jul 31st, 2008

Gilly I would think carefully about car hire. Depends on what you want to do and where you want to go. If you are staying in Krakow then you dont need a car as transport is all around you. If you are are going on trips then you pay for the car not needed. I do think parking in cities can be a bit of a problem , so think carefully. Enjoy!

- Posted by kathmaria from Poland on Aug 3rd, 2008

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