Stag Weekend

Hi, There seems to be a negative respone to stag parties in poland, and i was wondering if we will be unwelcome or not? We are relatively small group of 8 males, aged between 21 - 30, we are not paticularly rowdy or noisy and certainly dont want to cause any trouble whilst we are away, we just want to enjoy the city in the day, and the bars in the evening. We are wearing "stag" tshirts but only on the plane over, not whilst we are in the city itself. Just so i can clarify, the group of 8 includes, an ambulance worker, an accountant, a teacher, an architect, a football player and the others all are good lads with good jobs. We are a respectable lot, and i am just worried that we will judged by people that have gone before us, any advice would be most welcomed.

- Posted by kieran from Poland on Jul 26th, 2008

hiya! yes.. unfortunately nobody in krakow will be opening their arms in glee to a group of 8 dudes speaking english, no matter what your jobs may be. however, most people are totally used to it and as long as you behave like humans and not animals, there should be no problems getting into most clubs (some are "stag group free", but they are mostly small cocktail bars that just don't have enough space for all of you), getting friendly service, and to generally have a good time. just keep in mind, if you do start acting like drunk apes, there are consequences and you can't get away with it no matter how many miles from your home you are :)

- Posted by artfruit from Poland on Jul 28th, 2008

Hey Kieran, I think that artfruit's post was a bit negative, but then that is the general feel of a lot of people over here, who've probably not had great experiences with some groups. You guys sound like a good bunch and I'm sure you're just coming to have a decent time. Poles are a really friendly bunch generally, and there are plenty of places that will be happy to welcome you in if you're not a 'typical' bunch of stags, if you know what I mean. Places to try are Irish Mbassy, Irish Arms, Rooster, English Football Club and plenty of others. There's a great company called Crazy Stag that a friend of mine used and they can also help with any activities that you might want to do. Their website is Enjoy your stay over here. Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jul 31st, 2008

I have found the situation to be beter than it was last year with stag parties..perhaps they are realising. Apparently some stags have not been polite to the bar now people are wary. You sound a pretty reasonable bunch and if you give respect to the Poles you will have a good time. They are a lovely sect of people. They want people to have a good time...but there are ways of doing it. Unfortunately I have seen the way some of them have spoken to the bar girls and I cringe knowing Im from the same country. I think you will be fine! Enjoy your time over here and Im sure you will be back.

- Posted by kathmaria from Poland on Aug 3rd, 2008

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