Cheap Places To Eat

Hi, I am staying in Goodbye Lenin and am wondering were is nice, and also cheap to eat nearby, thank you

- Posted by kieran from Poland on Jul 20th, 2008

Hey! There is a nice place called Kuchnia i Wino on ul. Jozefa, which does really nice food for good prices. Also in the city centre try places like Zapiecek for Polish Pierogi or Chimera on ul. Anny where they do great salads piled high on your plate for around 10-15 polish zloty! Bargain! Or try one of the best places for a salad in the city at Nic Nowego on ul. Kryza. A unique modern Irish cafe/bar with friendly staff! Hope this helps. Enjoy your stay in this great city! Legendary

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jul 22nd, 2008

thanks for the advice

- Posted by kieran from Poland on Jul 22nd, 2008

You should try the milk bars, they are good wholesome food. There are some that you can buy food by weight now. When you arrive see if you can get an In your pocket on Krakow. They are free. Your hotel might have them and it gives all the places that you can eat and a price range. kathmaria

- Posted by kathmaria from Poland on Aug 3rd, 2008

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