Hi all. What are the latest fashion trends in Poland/Krakow? Haven't been in 3 years and returning with family this summer...can't wait! I've heard the following - safari prints, flower prints, natural fibers, hippie/back to nature themes, linen, etc. Thanks :)

- Posted by krakowmaggie from Poland on Jun 30th, 2008

Girls are very fashionably dressed now over here. There has been a big change in the 3 years. Whatever you are wearing in Uk will be the same over here. Kathmaria

- Posted by kathmaria from Poland on Aug 3rd, 2008

why dont u meet a personal stylist? i have my own here in kraków and shes great with managing all shopping, trends etc:) can send u details if u want... cheers !

- Posted by kitty_99 from Poland on Aug 12th, 2008

Thanks for both of your replies. I'm actually already back in the US but thought i'd post my thoughts, since someone else might be curious about this topic :) So, Polish people, and especially the women, tend to dress very fashionably, and my observations on this visit proved no different in that respect. Some of the trends i noticed this time are - On women: capris/"fisher" pants, jeans, short skirts, long "hippie" skirts (but with fitted tops only), strappy sandals (especially with "wedge" soles), SCARVES - saw quite a bit of this (sheer or lightweight material) worn around the neck or as headbands, headbands, sideswept or straight-across bangs, lots of french mani/pedicures.... On men: Polo-type shirts with collar up in the back and corners folded down , jeans, long shorts, Helly Hansen brand, Abercrombie & Fitch stuff, fitted (but not skin tight) Tee-shirts of various brands...flip-flop shoes, some sports shirts, very short hair.

- Posted by krakowmaggie from Poland on Aug 12th, 2008

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